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A method to improve the life of precision and high speed stamping die
May 08, 2018

A method to improve the life of precision and high speed stamping die

In large and super batch stamping production, ordinary press can not meet the requirements of production and technology. It is an effective way to improve the efficiency of stamping production by using high speed press to carry out high speed, automatic and continuous stamping production.

The number of stroke per minute of the precision high speed press can be increased to more than 5 times of the ordinary press. At the same time, the stamping parts produced by precision high speed stamping are not only of high precision but also with good surface quality, but the die structure of precision and high speed stamping is complex and high in precision, and the life span of the die is at least millions of times and the highest requirement is required. Billion times, which is very necessary for life maintenance. The general method is:

1. Adopt a new type of die steel

Mold life is a key point to improve die life. Precision high speed dies can use high quality powder metallurgy tool steels to meet the challenge of super high output. Powder metallurgy tool steel is very suitable for precision high-speed stamping dies, and has been widely applied.

2, PVD coating technology

In surface modification technology, PVD coating is one of the most advanced and widely used technologies in the mold industry. The surface properties of the working surface, such as hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and friction properties, can be improved by selecting the targeted coating, thus improving the ability to resist all kinds of surface failure, thus improving the life of the die.

3. Other

In order to improve the life of precision and high speed stamping die, in addition to the proper use of mould material and PVD coating, it is also necessary to pay attention to the correct processing technology. The method and quality of die processing also have a great influence on the life of the die. In addition, the design of precision high-speed stamping equipment, process parameters, stamping sheet properties, production management and so on should be noticed and improved from above aspects.

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