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Common die processing methods
May 10, 2018

Common die processing methods

At present, the main factors that restrict the precision of die processing are the requirements of the precision of the parts, the level of processing and the technical means, the technical level of the fitter of the assembly mould, the management level and the mode of production of the manufacturers.

There are three main die processing methods in Shenzhen plastic mould company: cutting, casting and special processing.

Die cutting process:

Such as ordinary machine tool processing, suitable for all kinds of mold processing.

Casting processing technology:

There are mainly zinc alloy casting for cold stamping dies, plastic moulds and rubber moulds, suitable for cold punching dies, low melting point alloys for plastic moulds, etc.

Special processing methods:

Such as cold extrusion forming, EDM, CNC WEDM processing technology.

In the processing and manufacturing of the mold, no processing technology can meet all the production requirements at the same time. When a processing method can not meet the requirements, the flexible selection process can be made according to the production conditions and processing requirements. In this way, the best processing effect can be achieved.

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