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Coping strategies for common problems in injection molding products
Dec 31, 2017

Coping strategies for common problems in injection molding products

What are the common problems in injection molding products?

1. to produce a dent

2. lack of material for plastic products

3. silver streaks

4. deformations

5. cracks appear

6. stress cracking

7. reticular cracking

8. albinism

9. weld mark

10. produce paste spots and so on.

The main solutions to common problems in injection molding products are to increase ejection pressure, extend injection pressure holding time, reduce barrel temperature and mold temperature, and force cooling in areas where dents are produced. Fill up the edge in a place where the dent is produced. This part is thick when there is a narrow place where the material is on the side of the dent. The difference in the thickness of the designed product should be completely avoided. A stiffener which can easily produce a dent, the narrow shape should be as short as possible. Increase the temperature of the mold, increase the temperature of the barrel, increase the ejection pressure, and add the gas escape trough (depth 0.02~0.04mm) to the width of 5~10mm in the parting surface. Increase the gate and increase the flow edge. When the number of molds is large, the cavity will expand the gate of the mold cavity, and change the configuration of the flow side, plus the gas escaping pin, so as to improve the finish of the mold. To avoid the difference of the thickness of the design products, additional gates should be added to the thickness of the WIP, so as to know the occasion of using products. If appropriate, make good use of fluidity materials. The material is completely dry. It is not good to do a good job with high temperature and short time. It is generally 85. C temperature drying for 4 hours) increases the temperature of the mold and reduces the temperature of the heating barrel. Make the edge of the flow rough. Avoid the difference in the thickness of the product, and add the gate to a place where the thickness of the product is thick. Full solidification in the mould (extended cooldown timer), increase the barrel temperature, decrease injection pressure. The mold cooling is homogenized. To avoid the difference of product thickness, gate is set up in large thickness of work piece, because straight line is easy to cause warpage, make large R curve, and die for reversible bending, increase the number of ejector rod and increase the release angle.

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WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Our company founded in 2011,Shenzhen WT Hardware And Plastics Limited takes pride in meeting and exceeding in customer requirements, WT is located in Shenzhen , where is the manufacturing center is in.

We WT are professional in moulds and molding parts, we also support struture design and offer assistance in material selection . You are welcome to look towards WT Mold as an extension of your R&D department , an arm of your design group and manufacture partner.

We have been striving to excellent quality at competitive price, “Quality and Service First”, the principle that we oursure , is exactly why we have established business relationships with customers from all over the world , More than 80% of our molds are exported to USA, EU, CLS, South America, and other Asian countries.

WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Mobile:+86 18923768676

Tel: 86-755-27673590

Fax: 86-755-23143536 

Add: 5B2# Jiangshi Building, Fuyong, Shenzhen, China

Main Product: Plastic Injection Mold & Plastic Parts, Die Casting, CNC Machining

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