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Debugging of Extrusion dies
May 16, 2017

(1) Before the boot should check whether the temperature control is sensitive, the meter is malfunctioning, the cooling water road is unblocked and so on. Usually the use of thermometers, cooling water and other methods for testing.

(2) According to the extruder operating procedures for the extruder screw, barrel and die of heating, to temperature rise to the set temperature, the need for 10 minutes to keep the heat up to the power of the system, so that the temperature of the machine parts of the stability.

(3) Before the boot must be the mold head parts of the joint screws and bolts hot tightening. Before the material is extruded, the operator shall not stand in front of the die in order to prevent the breakage of the bolt or screw.

(4) to start extrusion, screw speed should be slow, and then gradually accelerated to prevent start-up overload and damage to the mechanical parts.

(5) When the boot, first add a small amount of material, and keep feeding equilibrium, feeding should pay close attention to the torque and other table values, materials from die-head die extrusion and traction equipment, can gradually increase the amount of material until normal extrusion.

(6) When starting traction, the shaping die and die head should have a certain distance to facilitate traction. The waterway is opened (note that water cannot be poured into the mould head, otherwise it will cause the die-head to malfunction and cause the breaking or blocking), the shape of the complex cavity and a multimode cavity profiles should be opened by the cover plate of the molding die; After confirming the extrusion material is normal, the material is drawn to the traction machine through the set of traction rope. Shorten the distance between the shaping table and the Die head, cover the upper cover plate, start the vacuum pump, wait for the extrusion speed and the traction speed basically balance, observe the profiles to normal extrusion after the shaping table and the die head distance to the ideal value.

(7) If the Discovery Billet is not formed in the inlet end of the shaping mould or the inner rib is adhered to the inner cavity surface of the profile, use the Tip tool in the first section of the entrance of the shape of the mold billet or the internal tendon parts stamp a number of **, so that small cavity and atmospheric penetration, the type of billet in the form of open, to facilitate the formation of negative pressure, prompting the billet tightly affixed to the mold wall of stereotypes.

(8) In case of blocking (non-blocking), you should immediately move the stereotypes back or increase the traction speed, or simultaneously implement the above two scenarios, and then through the process adjustment to resume normal production. If the implementation of the above-mentioned scheme is ineffective, the shaping table should be moved back immediately, and the material is removed along the shaping mould, the water vapor of the shaping mould is closed, the traction speed is lowered, and the profiles are pulled out slowly from the stereotypes. If some of the profiles are broken in the stereotypes, it is necessary to disassemble the stereotypes and remove the residual material thoroughly and cleanly.

(9) When the downtime is generally required to increase the production of the machine material extrusion exhaust, and then shut down and hot demolition die head processing.

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