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Development trend of die silicon rubber factory for Industry
May 08, 2018

Development trend of die silicon rubber factory for Industry

Mold silica gel manufacturers to define the mold silica gel: generally consists of five components, namely, basic adhesive, crosslinking agent, catalyst, filler and additive. In theory, as long as the first three components can be made into mold silica gel, but in order to obtain a certain strength, "packing" is generally necessary, and "additive" depends on the situation department.

Characteristics of die silica gel: 1. strong operating performance 2. good liquidity, low viscosity 3. shrinkage, 4 pull, 5 not easy to deformation 6 hardness can be customized 7. high temperature, can be used many times

The manufacture of die silica gel: 1.500 glue and solidifying agent 1.5%, full stirring 2. to treat the mother mold with a demoulding agent to treat the 3. wooden bar and fixed the mother mold 4., and to pour the 5. glue to remove the original stick, and then the fixed wood bar 6. into the gypsum powder 7. to dismantle the fixed bar.

The use of mold silica gel: 1. making toys, gifts 2. when decorating the house, it is useful to the 3. wax figure 4. resin handicraft industry.

With the development of this industry, more and more derivatives industry will enter the industry later. The application of mold silica gel will also be more and more extensive.

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