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Forming process, performance and application of mould in plastic mold
May 04, 2018

Forming process, performance and application of mould in plastic mold

The wear resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance, compressive strength and flexural strength of the plastic mould are obviously better than those of the plaster mold.

Technical requirements: the basic requirements of the ceramic mold are high strength, high hardness, high fluid permeability, small and uniform pore size of permeability, so as to prevent wet clay from jammed and have a smooth surface.

The shadow is 3 of the fused powder AI and A2. Paste the plastic powder sintering molding. The choice of plastic material for the plastic material must be the powder, the powder is the ball, the shape is regular, otherwise the apparent density is uneven, the gap is not uniform, and the permeability is not good. Secondly, the particle size should be between 0.01mm~0.2mm, the particle size is too small, the gap is too small and the permeability is limited. The particle size is too large, the density of the products is difficult to balance, the size of the pores is larger, and the surface is easy to block, and the surface is not very smooth. In addition, the distribution of shape and size should be as uniform as possible, and most of the powder should be able to pass through 100 mesh screens and more than 80% of the powder through 200 mesh screens, which is conducive to the formation of uniform air gap products. In the end, the melt flow rate is low and the melt flow rate is too high. The particles on the surface of the mold are hot and melt and melt easily. The internal particles are still unmelted because of the slow heat transfer and keep the original loose powder shape. It affects the formation and uniformity of the gap, the strength is poor and the melt flow rate can not be too low, and the heating time and the risk of degradation are long. .

The selection of auxiliaries: the hydrophobicity of the treatment agent resin makes the plastic mold not as good as the gypsum mold. It seriously affects the smooth mold release of the mud billet during the forming of the normal pressure rotary billet, so the resin is pretreated with the active agent to give the hydrophilic property.

The water absorbability before and after the pretreatment of plastic mold is not added with active treatment agent and active treatment agent (0.4%, mass) water absorption /%2 heat stabilizer plastic in a long time heat process. It needs to add heat stabilizer to prevent discoloration of plastic and lead to the lower processing strength of plastic mold and poor surface performance.

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