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How to improve the overall level of plastic mold industry
May 04, 2018

How to improve the overall level of plastic mold industry

The standardization of plastic moulds is increasing, the precision of the mold is getting higher and higher, the production cycle is shorter and the ratio of the fitter is getting lower and lower. Finally, the overall level of the mould industry is constantly improved.

In the mold quality, delivery cycle, price, service four elements, more and more users put the delivery cycle in the first place. It is a trend for the die and mould company to deliver the goods as soon as possible. Enterprises to improve their adaptability, improve the level of technology, improve the level of equipment, improve the management level and improve efficiency are all effective means to shorten the mold production cycle.

Vigorously improve the development ability, and push forward the development work as far as possible until it is involved in the product development of the die and mould users, even in the absence of a clear user object to develop, turn passive into initiative. At present, the TV and monitor shell, air conditioner shell, motorcycle plastic parts and so on have adopted this method, and the development of mobile phone and telephone mold has begun to try. This practice has broken the passive situation that mold factories have to wait for a contract for a long time to design the mould according to the users' requirements.

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