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How to solve the problem of dents in plastic mold processing
May 04, 2018

How to solve the problem of dents in plastic mold processing

Plastic mold processing as a processing technology, after its production or completion, there will be a lot of bad points.

1. indentation. The cause of the dent is:

1) insufficient mold cooling and insufficient cooling time will cause serious deformation.

2) the lack of internal pressure of mold will also happen.

3), the thickness of each part of the product is different. In this case, the overall treatment method is to reduce the temperature of the barrel and mould, to cool the dent in the place where the dent is produced, and to fill the edge of the dent, and control the difference of the thickness of the design products.

2. products whitening. The reasons for the whitening of the products are as follows.

1), too big to meet the pressure.

2), the demoulding is bad. In this case, the overall treatment method: when designing the plastic mold, we should pay attention to the slope of the mold release. When making the mold, we should ensure the mold cavity is smooth and clean, the real-time treatment should drop the ejection pressure.

There are many different situations in the process of plastic mold processing. I hope you will be careful in the process of operation and strive to make the most perfect works.

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