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Injection molding in injection products
Apr 02, 2018

Injection molding in injection products

In the production of injection molding products, the use of granular materials to process injection products is a traditional method. For the requirements of the injection molding machine, there is no high requirement for the dry mixture, especially for the material exhaust. In addition to the common injection method, the injection molding products are also made by injection molding. In the field of granulation, the domestic granulation methods include roller press, twin screw granulation and single screw granulation. There are two kinds of law and so on. The single screw has a small investment in granulation, the quality of the twin screw granulation is high, the rolling granulation is intermittent operation. It is necessary to control the distance of the roll, the amount of material and the times of the thin pass, so as to ensure the quality of the plastic. Production of injection molding products in injection molding method, thermal stability and liquidity to retake the filter material.

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