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Methods of reducing mould maintenance
May 10, 2018

Methods of reducing mould maintenance

In fact, mold maintenance is a very small part of the mold itself. Next, let's talk about ways to reduce mold maintenance: WT-MOLD:

1., strengthen the training of scientific injection knowledge, try not to damage the mold in production. The low pressure protection setting, the mode speed, the clamping force, the injection speed, the pressure protection pressure, the mould temperature and so on are all bad for the damage of the mould, which is to be paid attention to.

2. production control. Similar to the hot runner plug iron in the table and PIN needle stuck bad mold should be avoided as far as possible.

The 3. tyres should be avoided. Mold design and manufacturing process is "conceived", this time the fault can not be, otherwise maintenance is inevitable. For example, the design of the 7 major mold systems, materials and so on will not be mentioned one by one.

4. mold maintenance. In normal production, the level of two level maintenance and repair Department of the three level maintenance should be firmly in place, which should be avoided, such as spring break / thimble card / shovel chicken.

5. standardization and inventory of vulnerable parts. The thimble / spring / cylinder / guide / guide sleeve should be uniform and stock as much as possible.

6. standardization of operation process, personnel training and performance appraisal.

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