Plastic moulds - what you don't know!

- Dec 31, 2017 -

Plastic moulds - what you don't know!

Maintenance of plastic moulds:

1: the die must be sharpened after a long time of use. After grinding, the surface of the blade must be demagnetized, and it can not be magnetic. Otherwise, it is easy to block the material.

2: spring and other elastic parts in the process of use of the most vulnerable spring, usually fracture and deformation phenomenon. The way to do that is to replace. In the process of replacement, we must pay attention to the specifications and models of the springs. The specifications and models of the springs are confirmed by three items of color, outer diameter and length. Only when three items are identical, can they be changed.

3: the die is easily broken, bent and gnawing during the use of the mold, and the punching sleeve is generally gnawing. The damage of the punch and punching sleeve is usually replaced with the same specification parts. The main parameters of the punch are the size of the working part, the size of the installation part, the size of the length, and so on.

4: fasten the parts to check whether the fastening parts are loose and damaged, and the method is to replace the parts with the same specifications.

5: the pressing parts such as pressure plate, rubber, unloading parts such as stripper, pneumatic ejector etc.. During maintenance, check the parts relationship and damage of all parts, repair damaged parts, check whether there is air leakage in pneumatic top inspection, and take measures for specific situations. If the damage of the trachea is replaced.


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