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Plastic shell - your knowledge of the rise today!
Dec 31, 2017

Plastic shell - your knowledge of the rise today!

How to distinguish the quality of the plastic shell?

Only by adding a variety of auxiliary materials in the polymer, such as filler, plasticizer, lubricant, stabilizer, colorant and so on, can be a good performance plastic.

1, synthetic resin is the most important component of plastic, and its content in plastic is generally from 40% to 100%.

The 2. filler is called the filler, which can improve the strength and heat resistance of the plastic and reduce the cost.

3. Plasticizers can increase plasticity and softness of plastics, reduce brittleness and make plastics easy to process.

4, stabilizer in order to prevent the breakdown and destruction of the synthetic resin in the process and process of light and heat, prolong the service life, add stabilizer in the plastic. It is commonly used as stearate, epoxy resin and so on.

5, the coloring agent can make the plastic with a variety of bright, beautiful color. Organic and inorganic pigments are used as colorants.

6, the role of lubricants is to prevent the plastic from sticking to the metal mold during the molding, and can make the surface of the plastic smooth and beautiful. The common lubricants are stearic acid and its calcium and magnesium salts. In addition to the above additives, the plastics can also be added to the flame retardant, foaming agent, antistatic agent and so on.


WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Our company founded in 2011,Shenzhen WT Hardware And Plastics Limited takes pride in meeting and exceeding in customer requirements, WT is located in Shenzhen , where is the manufacturing center is in.

We WT are professional in moulds and molding parts, we also support struture design and offer assistance in material selection . You are welcome to look towards WT Mold as an extension of your R&D department , an arm of your design group and manufacture partner.

We have been striving to excellent quality at competitive price, “Quality and Service First”, the principle that we oursure , is exactly why we have established business relationships with customers from all over the world , More than 80% of our molds are exported to USA, EU, CLS, South America, and other Asian countries.

WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Mobile:+86 18923768676

Tel: 86-755-27673590

Fax: 86-755-23143536 

Add: 5B2# Jiangshi Building, Fuyong, Shenzhen, China

Main Product: Plastic Injection Mold & Plastic Parts, Die Casting, CNC Machining

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