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Processing flow of plastic parts
Dec 31, 2017

Processing flow of plastic parts

The processing technology of plastic parts is also called plastic parts processing. It is the general term of converting synthetic resin or plastic accessories into plastic parts. It is a larger production department in plastic parts industry. The processing of plastic accessories generally includes the ingredients, molding, mechanical processing, bonding, modification and assembly of plastic parts.

1. Ingredients

The raw materials used for plastic parts processing include polymer additives, such as stabilizers, plasticizers, coloring agents, lubricants, enhancers and fillers, so as to improve the performance of molding technology and products and reduce the cost of products. The additive is mixed with the polymer, and it is evenly dispersed into powder, which is also called dry mixture. Sometimes the powder is also made into granular material by plastic. This kind of powder and granular materials are collectively called compound or mold plastic accessories.

2, molding

The key link of the plastic parts processing. The various forms of plastic parts (powder, granules, solution or dispersion) made products or blank of desired shape. As many as 30 kinds of molding method. Its selection depends mainly on the type of plastic parts (thermoplastic or thermosetting), the initial form, and the shape and size of the product. The commonly used methods of processing thermoplastic plastic parts are extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding and thermoforming. The processing of thermosetting plastic parts is usually moulded, transferred and molded, and also by injection molding. Laminating, molding and thermoforming are made of plastic parts on the plane. The processing method of the above plastic accessories can be used for the processing of rubber. In addition, the liquid monomer or polymer as the raw material for casting and so on. Among these methods, extrusion and injection molding are the most important and the most basic molding methods.

3. Mechanical processing

By using metal and wood processing methods, we can produce plastic parts with very precise size or small quantity. It can also be used as a forming auxiliary process, such as sawing of extruded profiles. Because the performance of plastic parts is different from that of metal and wood, the thermal conductivity of plastic parts is poor, thermal expansion coefficient and elastic modulus are low. When the clamp or cutter pressure is too large, it is easy to cause deformation, and is easy to melt when cutting, and is easy to adhere to the cutting tool. Therefore, when the plastic parts are machined, the tools used and the corresponding cutting speed should be adapted to the characteristics of the plastic parts. The common machining methods are sawing, shearing, punching, car, planing, drilling, grinding, polishing, thread processing and so on. In addition, the plastic parts can also be laser truncated, perforated and welded.

4. Joint

The methods of joining the plastic parts are welded and bonded. The welding method is hot air welding with welding electrode, hot melt welding with hot pole, and high frequency welding, friction welding, induction welding, ultrasonic welding, etc. The bonding method can be divided into fluxes, resin solutions and hot melt adhesive according to the adhesives used.

5, surface modification

The purpose is to beautify the surface, plastic accessories products usually include: mechanical modification, namely with filing, grinding and polishing process, the removal of parts on edges, burrs, and fixed size; finishing, including coating surface parts, the use of a solvent to surface brightening, covered with patterned thin film surface; colour including, painting, printing and printing; metal plating, including vacuum coating, electroplating and chemical plating method etc.. In which the hot stamping is heated and pressurized, the color aluminum foil layer (or other pattern film) on the stamping film is transferred to the workpiece. Many household appliances, construction products, daily necessities, etc., are used in this method to obtain metallic luster or wood pattern.

6. Assembly

Plastic parts are assembled into complete products by means of bonding, welding and mechanical connections. For example: plastic parts, through sawing, welding, drilling and other steps to be assembled into plastic accessories window frames and plastic accessories doors.

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