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Production process of silica gel products
May 08, 2018

Production process of silica gel products

Silicone products are silicone rubber products produced by molding and vulcanizing process with silica gel as the main raw material.

Ordinary silicone products need to pass the following processes

1. Preparation of raw materials

Including mixing of raw rubber, color matching, weight calculation of raw materials, etc.

Two, vulcanization molding

High pressure vulcanizing equipment is used to form silicon collagen material by solid state molding at high temperature.

Three. Trimming

The silicone sleeve removed from the mold will bring some useless burrs and need to be removed. At present, the process is entirely manual.

Four. Silk screen

This process is only used in some silica gel sets with patterns on the surface of silica gel products, and the black mobile silica gel sleeve is used for the users to operate the keys conveniently. Or the surface needs to be beautifully printed with some beautiful patterns.

Five. Surface treatment

1. at present, the most surface treatment is the hand feeling oil, so that the mobile phone feels better. This is the simplest surface treatment. Silica gel products are easy to adsorb dust in the air under normal conditions and have certain viscosity. A thin layer of touch oil is sprayed on the surface of the silicone sleeve, which can prevent dust and guarantee the handle.

2. oil injection plus radium carving, after the silicone sleeve is finished, spray a layer of colored ink on the surface of the silicone sleeve, then radiate the pattern in the radium, and then spray a layer of hand feeling oil on the surface. This process is now popular.

3. drop glue, and drop the colored liquid glue on the silicone sleeve that has been repaired to make the pattern.

4. color printing, printing any color pattern on the silicone sleeve that has been repaired. This process can be a silicone sleeve not only beautiful but also strong in three-dimensional sense. The feeling of hand is good. It can print every surface of the silicone sleeve, and the pattern is very smooth and natural.

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