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The main cause of the mould to the neutral problem
May 10, 2018

The main cause of the mould to the neutral problem

The wear of the die in the use of the towel is different, some parts have large scratches, and the wear is faster. This situation is especially obvious on the thin and narrow rectangular die. Shenzhen injection mold factory found the main reason:

(1) the design or machining accuracy of the machine tool is not enough. The main body is the upper and lower turntable, the mold mounting base is not good for the neutral.

2. The design or precision of the mold can not meet the requirements.

(3) the precision of the guide sleeve of the die bump is not enough.

The selection of die clearance is not suitable.

The wear of mould mounting base or mould bushing due to long-term wear is not good for neutrality.

In order to prevent the inconsistency of die wear, it should:

(1) regularly adjust the neutral inspection of the machine tool turret and mounting base with the middle mandrel.

Change the guide sleeve in time and select the suitable concave and concave die.

The full guide die is used.

Fourth, we should strengthen the sense of responsibility of operators and find out the causes in time to avoid greater losses.

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