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The most required performance of 600T injection molding machine
Dec 31, 2017

The most required performance of 600T injection molding machine

The demand for producing small and light parts has made the thin-walled injection molding (600T injection molding machine) the most necessary performance of the injection molding machine. "Thin wall" is usually defined by portable electronic parts with less than 1MM wall thickness. For large automotive parts, the "thin" can be 2MM.. In short, thin-walled products require changing the processing technology: higher pressure and speed, shorter cooling time, changing the ejection and gate arrangement of the parts. The changes in processing technology further promote the development of die, machine and parts design.

1. Injection machine

A standard injection machine can be used to produce a variety of thin-walled products. At present, the performance of the new injection machine is much more than 10 years ago. The progress of materials, gate technology and design further widens the performance of the standard injection machine for the filling of the thin-walled parts. However, as the thickness of the wall is decreasing, a more special injection machine with high speed and high pressure is needed. For example, an electronic piece with a thickness less than 1MM is less than 0.5 seconds and the injection pressure is more than 210MPa is normal. A hydraulic injection machine designed for thin-walled injection molding (600T injection molding machine) is designed to drive the injection and clamping units frequently. All electric injector and electric / hydraulic injection machine with high speed and high voltage are also available. In order to withstand the high pressure of a new type of injection machine, the minimum value of the clamping force must be 5-7 tons / inch (projection area). In addition, when the wall thickness reduces the injection pressure, the large formwork helps to reduce the bending. The ratio of the rod to the thickness of the template for the injection machine for thin-walled products is 2:1 or lower. The closed loop control of the injection speed and pressure and other processing parameters in the production of thin wall products helps to control the mold filling and pressure protection at high pressure and high speed.

As for the injection volume, the large diameter cylinder is usually too large. The recommended volume is 40%-70% of the cylinder capacity, and the shortened total molding cycle of thin-walled products may reduce the minimum injection volume to 20%-30% of the cylinder capacity. Users must be very careful when they are injecting, because the small injection volume for materials means that materials stay in the barrel for a longer time, which will lead to a decline in product performance.

2. Mold

Speed is one of the key factors in the successful thin-walled injection molding (600T injection molding machine) (600T injection molding machine). The rapid filling and high pressure can inject the molten thermoplastic material into the mold cavity at high speed, thus preventing the gate from cold solid. If a standard piece of workpiece is completed in two seconds, the die thickness is reduced by 25%, and it is possible to reduce the filling time by 50%, just a second.

One of the advantages of thin-walled injection molding (600T injection molding machine) is that less material needs to be cooled when the thickness is reduced. As the thickness decreases, the molding cycle can be reduced by half. The reasonable setting of the melt conveyer enables the hot runner and runner to prevent the forming period from shortening. The use of hot runner and runner bushing helps to minimize the molding cycle.

The mold material should also be considered. P20 steel is widely used in the molding of traditional products, but because the pressure of the thin-walled injection molding (600T injection molding machine) is higher, the mold must be made very strong. H-13 and other hard to increase the safety factor of extra thin mold. However, the cost of the sturdy mold may be higher than the 30%-40% of the standard mold. But the increased cost is usually offset by improved production performance.

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