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The plastic mold of the mobile phone - good maintenance can have the best condition!
Dec 31, 2017

The plastic mold of the mobile phone - good maintenance can have the best condition!

Maintenance regulations of plastic moulds for mobile phones

1. Purpose: to ensure that the equipment can maintain the best performance and prolong the service life, so as to ensure the normal production.

Two. Scope of application: maintenance and maintenance of mould.

Three. Timing inspection, maintenance: the need for mold maintenance, the upper and lower mold personnel for regular maintenance and inspection.

plastic injection mold parts.jpg

1. daily routine examination and maintenance:

1.1 whether the mould in the operation is in normal condition

Whether A. has low pressure mode protection;

Is the B. active part such as the guide column, the top rod and the row position worn out, and is the lubrication good? Require at least 12 hours to add oil, special structure to increase the number of refueling.

The screw and code clamp of the fixed template for the plastic mold of C. mobile phone is loose.

1.2 normal production: check whether the defect of the product is related to the mold;

1.3 when the machine is off, the mold should be checked comprehensively and rust treated. Dry parts, core, ejector and position shall be sprinkled, and mould antirust agent or butter should be sprayed.

1.4 the die after the next machine should be placed in the designated place and make a good record: (1) the mold condition: good or to be repaired. (2) antirust treatment in the mold.

2. routine checks per season:

It is mainly to clean and maintain the moulds that are not used for more than two months.

2.1 open the plastic mold of the mobile phone to check the effect of internal rust prevention. There are abnormal conditions. The antirust treatment must be retreated. The long and unused moulds must be coated with butter.

2.2 put back in situ and record it well.

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WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Our company founded in 2011,Shenzhen WT Hardware And Plastics Limited takes pride in meeting and exceeding in customer requirements, WT is located in Shenzhen , where is the manufacturing center is in.

We WT are professional in moulds and molding parts, we also support struture design and offer assistance in material selection . You are welcome to look towards WT Mold as an extension of your R&D department , an arm of your design group and manufacture partner.

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WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Mobile:+86 18923768676

Tel: 86-755-27673590

Fax: 86-755-23143536 

Add: 5B2# Jiangshi Building, Fuyong, Shenzhen, China

Main Product: Plastic Injection Mold & Plastic Parts, Die Casting, CNC Machining

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