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Transition channel of 800T injection molding machine
Dec 31, 2017

Transition channel of 800T injection molding machine

The split channel of 800T injection molding machine is a stream between the main channel and the cavity inlet (gate). It is the excessive passage of the melt from the main channel into the cavity. It is also a transition channel for the change of the section of the gating system and the turning of the melt flow.

1., in order to ensure normal injection molding process, the runner and cavity should be tightly arranged to reduce the die size and shorten the process and minimize the temperature and pressure when the melt reaches the gate.

The 2. longer distributary channel should open the cold material at the end. The effect is to accommodate the cold material and air from the beginning of the injection into the mold cavity.

3. in multi cavity injection mold, the design of the shunt should ensure each cavity balanced feed, therefore, 800T injection molding machine molding processing with the same plastic parts, each runner sectional area and length should be equal; when the same molding different plastic parts, each sub channel section the volume and length should be matched with the plastic parts, to ensure the cavity forming conditions are the same.

4. the surface roughness of the 4. distributary channel is generally 1.6 mu m. Practical experience has proved that the outer flow velocity of the inner flow of the runner is low. The 800T injection molding machine is easy to cool and form a fixed epidermis, which is beneficial for the heat preservation of the runner, which is equivalent to the insulation of the outer plastic layer.

The 5. distributary channel can be opened in the movable or fixed mode, and can also be opened at the same time in the moving and fixed modes. This is mainly based on the properties of plastic, machinability and die structure. When the flow channel is opened at the fixed mold side and the gate is extended for a long time, it is necessary to add the pull rod of the flow passage to facilitate the release of the cold material easily when the mold is opened.

6., when considering the layout of the cavity and shunt, the 800T injection molding machine should make the geometric center of the total projection area of the plastic and runner coincide with the center of the clamping force. This is beneficial to the reliability of the mode lock and the force uniformity of the mode locking mechanism, and can also prevent the occurrence of the material.

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