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What are the three main characteristics of the mould for automobile plastic moulds factory?
May 08, 2018

What are the three main characteristics of the mould for automobile plastic moulds factory?

The rapid growth of automobile plastic mold factory, China's precision mold industry was once located in the front line of the world. Today, China's precision die has three characteristics, such as wear resistance, strength and toughness, fatigue fracture function, low temperature function, and the following four features of the precision die are shared by everyone.

The three features of the automobile plastic mould factory are:

1. Wear resistance

When the blank is plastic in the mold cavity, the outside of the cavity is both active and sliding, which causes the friction between the outside and the blank of the cavity, thus causing the die to take effect because of the wear. Therefore, wear resistance is one of the most fundamental and important functions of dies.

Hardness is an important factor affecting wear resistance. Under normal circumstances, the higher the hardness of the die, the smaller the wear volume and the better wear resistance. In addition, wear resistance is not related to the variety, number, status, size and dispersion of the suspected carbides.

2, strength and toughness

Most of the preconditions of mould are very bad, some of them are often subjected to heavy load, thus causing brittle fracture. In order to avoid the sudden brittle fracture of the mold, the precision metal mold should have higher strength and toughness. The toughness of mould depends on the carbon content, grain size and structural condition of the data precision mold manufacturing.

3. Fatigue fracture function

In the process of mold, in the long run of reincarnation stress, fatigue is often broken. The situation is characterized by small energy, repeated crackdowns, fatigue, rupture, fatigue, rupture, fatigue, rupture, twists, fatigue and breakage. The fatigue and fracture function of a mold depends largely on its strength, toughness, hardness, and the inclusion of impurities.


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