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What is plastic material?
May 08, 2018

What is plastic material

1, the main ingredient of plastic raw materials is the polymer matrix called resin.

2, plastic material: it is made of polymer resin (polymer) as the main ingredient to infiltrate various auxiliary materials or some additives with specific purpose. It is plastic and fluidity under specific temperature and pressure. It can be molded into a certain shape and keep the shape constant under certain conditions.

3, polymer: refers to the pure material or polymeric material produced by polymerization process. No matter natural resin or synthetic resin belongs to polymer polymer, it is referred to as polymer.

4. Plastics have good insulation for electricity, heat and sound: electrical insulation, arc resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration absorption, and excellent silencer performance.

A large part of plastic raw material is extracted from some oil, the most familiar part of the PC material is extracted from the oil, PC material in the burning of a flower and fruit rotting odor; ABS is extracted from the coal, ABS in the burn will be ashy, not bubble; POM is extracted from natural gas, POM is burning When it's finished, there will be a very smelly smell of gas, white smoke and blistering.

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