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What is the sample model?
May 08, 2018

What is the sample model?

All silicone products must be moulds before they can be manufactured, and new products can be developed through moulds.

Now let's introduce our moulds.

The sample mold is also known as the hand plate mold. When customers confirm to cooperate with us for samples, they first need to provide samples or 2D diagrams or 3D drawings. If the customer provides the template, we will copy it according to the template and get the 3D drawings. If the customer provided a 3D map, it would be more convenient for me.

The master of mould room will be programmed according to the 3D drawings provided by customers. Usually, the sample is first opened to confirm the customer, and when the customer confirms the problem, the big mold is opened for production.

The sample mold usually opens from 1 to 2 points. When the sample is much more, our sample mold will open 4 holes. The sample mold plays a role in confirming the initial sample, which turns the picture file into real object. Because of the elasticity of silica gel, the products produced are not necessarily identical with the drawings. At this time, we have to open a sample model and make a sample for the guests to confirm. If there is a problem in the sample mold, it is simpler to modify the die at this time, with shorter modification time and higher efficiency. Every time the mold is opened, the die must be confirmed by proofing, that is, confirming the mold. When the product is developed to meet the requirements of the guests, the mold is confirmed at this time.

Sample mold raw material

The sample model of our company is made of steel. Depending on the size of the product, the size of the template is determined. A template with a length * width and a height of 300mm*300mm*30mm is usually adopted.

Making time of sample mold

The length of the sample mold is determined by the complexity of the product structure. Usually relatively simple products generally from programming to processing completed about 2-3 days; complex about 5-7 days. The more complex the product structure, the longer the time of the mold opening.

The benefits of opening the sample mold

First, the number of holes in the mold is small, the use of templates is short, the processing time is short, so the cost is relatively small, and the efficiency is high. Secondly, the sample model can bring some other benefits. If the product structure is not confirmed at the first time, it is more convenient to modify the mold. After the modification, it can be confirmed immediately after the modification, thus shortening the time. Third, because the cost is low, the first sample mold can reduce the risk. If the model is opened directly, the sample can not be confirmed at the first time. The quality problems will be caused when the modified mold is produced. In this case, the mold will only be repaired and the more bad, and the more it is not good for production. So open a sample model can achieve the first confirmation of the purpose of the product, confirm that no problem, a one-time open large model, so that the production of products with little quality problems.

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