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What is the use and function of the automobile stamping die
May 08, 2018

What is the use and function of the automobile stamping die

In industrial production, using a variety of press and special tools installed on the press, the stamping dies are parts or products made of metal or non metal materials by pressure. This special tool is known as a mold. Stamping die: in cold stamping process, material (metal or non metal) is processed into part (or semi-finished) of a special process equipment, called cold stamping die (commonly known as cold stamping die). Stamping is a method for forming a workpiece with plastic deformation or separation by exerting external force on plate, strip, pipe and profile, such as press and die, so as to get the shape and size of the workpiece. The workpiece here is the stamping part. Die is a tool for the production of stamping parts.

External and built-in parts,


For example, parts of the driver's cab, parts and steering wheel are usually plastic parts, and the injection molding process is adopted. The use of plastic parts for internal parts is due to the reliable performance and light weight of engineering plastics.


The automobile shell is usually made by punching or extruding cold die making technology, that is, stamping dies. The strength of metal parts is high, but the streamline surface is more complex, especially for the whole car cover, so most of the outer cover of the car is made of parts welding assembly process.

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