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What principles should be followed in the use of special forming dies?
May 10, 2018

What principles should be followed in the use of special forming dies?

In order to meet the needs of production, it is often necessary to use forming molds or special moulds, mainly including bridge mold, blinds, sinks, tapping and tapping dies, protruding dies, drawing dies, combined moulds and so on. With special or forming molds, the production efficiency is improved by everyone, but the price of the forming mold is higher. It is usually 4-5 times that of a common mold. In order to avoid mistakes, plastic mold factories should pay attention to and follow the following principles:

1, use a lower punching speed.

2, the plate should be smooth and not deformed or raised.

3, the forming process should be removed from the clamp as far as possible.

4, forming die should be avoided when forming.

5, stamping according to the first ordinary mold stamping, and finally use the forming die.

6. When the mold is installed, conduct directional check to ensure that the die and die are installed in the same direction.

7, according to the requirements, correctly adjust the stamping depth of the die, and the best adjustment is no more than 0.15mm.

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