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Why the mold of digital product can be polished
Apr 02, 2018

Why the mold of digital product can be polished

In our life, digital products are commonly used products, and in the production of products, the use of digital products dies is also essential. On the demand of appearance, it is often required that the surface of plastic mold cavity can reach the degree of mirror polishing, which makes digital products more practical. Of course, in manufacturing optical lenses, laser discs and other molds, the surface roughness is very high, so the requirement for polishing is also very high. Polishing not only increases the appearance of the workpiece, but also improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the material surface. So polishing for this type of mold is a very important process. Different polishing technology, the required equipment is also different, complex polishing, can polish the complex shape of the workpiece, can be polished at the same time a lot of work pieces, to achieve high efficiency production.

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