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3D Systems Releases A Series Of New Products At The 2013 European Mold Exhibition
Dec 14, 2017

3D Systems releases a series of new products at the 2013 European Mold Exhibition

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) by the 2013 European Mold Exhibition released a new series of breakthrough products to guide the printer and scanner 3D printing into the 2 era (Frankfurt, December 2013 3-6, 3D) SYSTEMS in hall 11 booth E68 professional grade products and consumer products in B79 display.

3D SYSTEMS has released a dozen new products that cover the entire range of solutions from design to manufacturing, and greatly promote the 3D printing vision.

"We provide great value today to launch the cutting-edge products for our customers design and manufacture, through the expansion of some key areas, bring the advantages of vertical integration," Avi Reichental, President and chief executive officer 3D Systems said, "to increase the printing speed, scale and capacity as well as more advanced materials and from scanning to design and testing tools and other common definition of 3D printing 2 essence and accelerate our customers' manufacturing future 'ability."

Maximum specification production platform

ProX? 950 light curing (SLA?) 3D printer is the largest specification, the highest speed, the highest precision and the most environmentally friendly 3D printer. ProX950 is equipped with the latest PolyRay print head technology of 3D Systems, which is 10 times faster than other 3D printers, and can complete high-performance engineering materials manufacturing. The components made are capable of the most rigorous aerospace, medical equipment and industrial applications.

ProXTM 500 SLS? (selective laser sintering) 3D printer prints more accurate, durable and excellent quality components through compact production system, which is easy to produce and economical. Applicable to the production workshop, production run ProX500 available on the functional components and complete assemblies for aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, patient customized fashion accessories, mobile equipment etc.. ProX can efficiently and reliably deliver components with excellent quality and mechanical properties by seven times faster than the completion of other technologies. It is matched with a revolutionary new DuraForm? Pro X material that can produce a more smooth surface and a similar part quality of the injection molding.

Direct printing of industrial metal

ProX300 metal printer is the only industrial metal direct printing platform, which is especially suitable for all kinds of production workshop needs, and provides high-density metal printing parts, which can meet various material selection and finish high precision printing. ProX300 is the rename of the original Phenix printer and is now a member of the DDMS 3D printer series of 3D Systems. At the European mold show, 3D Systems also released a DMS 3D printer named ProX100 and ProX200.

The smallest, most economical and precise 3D printer

ProJet? 1200 only $4900 is a mini SLA 3D printer. It is very suitable for parts and precision casting model, rich details: such as jewelry, electronic components and models. It is smaller and uses a multi-functional cartridge than a coffee machine. It is economical, safe and convenient to operate anywhere. It is very easy to use. 3D Systems has begun to accept reservations, ProJet1200, which is planned to be launched in the first quarter of 2014.

Advanced optional materials

The company offers a variety of high performance engineering materials and composite materials, including a new class of continuous VisiJet? Application of C4 material in full color ProJet4500 printer; new revolutionary DuraForm? ProX materials used in ProX500 VisiJetFTX printers; Green used in ProJet 1200; new VisiJet series materials for synchronous composite printer ProJet5500X. In addition, 3D Systems will also launch two new materials, ProJet5000's VisiJet M5 black and VisiJet M5-X. These materials can be used at any time for the corresponding printers.

Integrated from scanning to design and inspection tools and printer drivers

3D Systems shows and releases Geomagic Capture, the first integrated scanning design and inspection solution in the industry. Similarly, at the exhibition, 3D Systems also released Geomagic Print, a general drive software supporting 3D Systems ProJet and ProXTM printer, all of which are put into the market together with the new ProJet5500, and can provide support for each product mix in the first half of 2014.

Global services for Cloud Computing

3D Systems shows its overall Quickparts, based on cloud - based services from design to manufacturing. The traditional manufacturing way that 3D Systems provides technology covers the whole world. Quickparts is equivalent to 10 production bases located around the world, and localize service through cloud.

3D Systems continues to expand the printing applications of consumer 3D printers, brand content, and leading lifestyle. Visitors can experience a new and easy to use brand new Sense 3D scanner. The first one is to provide accurate and real-time object shooting for 3D scanner optimized by consumers and 3D printing.

About 3D Systems

3D Systems is an industry leader who provides the solution from 3D content to print. It includes 3D printers, printing materials and cloud computing on-demand components. Materials including plastics, metals, ceramics and food are highly praised by professionals and consumers. The company also provides integrated software and hardware tools group, including scanning from CAD to quality inspection, and its mature integrated solutions replace and supplement traditional methods, input data directly, print objects, and reduce the time and cost of designing new products. These solutions are used to speed up design, creation, communication, prototyping, or production of objects to help customers "make the future".

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