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An Example Of 39 Common Problems In Injection Mold Is Explained(1)
Nov 02, 2017

An example of 39 common problems in injection mold is explained(1)

The product runs on the front when the product is switched on, and the reason and solution for the product lack of glue after a period of production.


1.Just switch on the melt injection molding machine of material tube with heating time is long, low melt viscosity, good fluidity, the product is easy to run front, production after a period of time due to the melt constantly take heat away, causing insufficient melt, viscosity, liquidity is poor, make the products lack of glue.


After a period of production, gradually raise the temperature of the tube to solve.


2.In the production process, the product is deficient in glue, and sometimes the injection pressure and speed are not effective. Why?

The solution?


It is because the glue in production keeps taking the heat away, resulting in insufficient glue, large adhesive degree and poor liquidity, which makes the product lack of glue.


Raise tube temperature to solve.


3.Causes and solutions of product ellipses.


The product ellipse is due to the inhomogeneity of the entrant, resulting in uneven pressure around the product, which makes the product ellipse, and USES three points of glue to make the product into glue.


4.Precision product requirements for molds.


It is required that the mould material is rigid, the elastic deformation is small, the thermal coefficient is small.


5.Purpose of product acid test

The acid test of the product is to detect the internal stress of the product and the position of internal stress, so as to eliminate the internal stress of the product.


6.Reasons and solutions for the easy cracking of metal inserts in products.


The product is inserted in the product, and when the beer is made, the hot melt adhesive meets the cold inserts, which can form the inner stress, which makes the product's strength drop and easy to crack.


Preheat the inserts during production.


7.Rationality and selection method of mold exhaust points.


The exhaust point of the mold is not reasonable. Instead of the exhaust effect, it will cause the product deformation or size change, so the exhaust points of the mold should be reasonable.


Select the exhaust point of the mold, should be in the place where the product last full glue and the place where the product is trapped gas to open exhaust.


8.Reasons and solutions for brittle products.


The product is brittle crack is the product USES the water mouth material and The Times material to make the product easy to crack, or the material is in the material to stay in the tube too long, causing the glue material aging, makes the product brittle crack.


Increase the proportion of the new material, reduce the number of water mouth materials recycling, generally not more than three times, avoid the glue material to stay in the tube for a long time.


9.The causes and solutions of the fiberglass products are easy to be found

It is because of the low temperature of the melt glue or the low temperature of the mold, the injection pressure is insufficient, so that the glass fiber can not be combined with the plastic in the glue to make the fiber out.


Add high melt temperature, mold temperature, increase injection pressure.


10.Influence of inlet temperature on products.


Too high or too low inlet temperature can cause instability of the machine's return material, making it unstable and affecting the size and appearance of the product.

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