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An Example Of 39 Common Problems In Injection Mold Is Explained(2)
Nov 03, 2017

An Example Of 39 Common Problems In Injection Mold Is Explained(2)

11. Transparent products have white point causes and solutions.


Transparent products are caused by the inside of the product or the dust in the product.


Raise the nozzle temperature, add the cooling well, keep the raw material and prevent the dust from entering.


12. What is the injection ability of the injection molding machine?


Injection capacity: injection pressure (kg/cm2) x injection volume (cm3) /1000

13. What is injection molding machine injection horsepower?


Injection of HP PW (KW) = injection pressure (kg/cm2) x injection rate (cm3 / SEC) * 9.8 by 100%

The product runs on the front when the product is switched on, and the reason and solution for the product lack of glue after a period of production.


Just switched on when the melt due to injection molding machine material tube heating time is long, low melt viscosity, good fluidity, the product easy to run front, production after a period of time due to the melt constantly take heat away, cause insufficient melt, viscosity, liquidity is poor, make the products lack of glue.


After a period of production, gradually raise the temperature of the tube to solve.


14. The cracking problem after spherical screen printing.

Due to the stress on the surface of the product, the seal cracks after printing.

The stress can be eliminated by means of annealing.

15. Eyeglasses frame, water edge easy to break the problem.

The injection pressure and pressure pressure are large, the remaining internal stresses on the edge of the water outlet can make the product easy to break. Minimize the injection pressure and pressure pressure, and properly improve the mold temperature to solve.

16. Electrical housing, four assembly posts, and the problem of bursting with screws.

Due to the clamping water line of the column, the product assembly pillar is prone to crack. The mould increases the exhaust, improves the mold temperature properly, and speeds the injection speed to reduce the clamping water line.

17. Product distortion.

Product deformation is mainly caused by the imbalance of the thermal contractions resulting in product deformation, or the deformation of the product due to the internal stress of the product itself.

18. Transparent PC shell bubble problem.


Lack of raw materials;

The product has the appearance of glue thickness, the die is poor, the raw material is easy to break down can cause the product bubble.

Fully dry raw materials, increase mold exhaust, minimize the thickness of glue.

19. The problem of beer molding of photocopiers and magnetic materials.


High - mode temperature and quick - injection method should be adopted.

20. Product bag glue, water edge shrinkage problem.


The mould exhaust is bad, the injection speed is slow, the pressure pressure and time is not enough, can cause the water mouth to shrink.


Increase the exhaust of the mold, increase the speed of the injection and increase the pressure and time.

21. Product internal stress, causing the product to explode after a period of time.


Due to the residual stresses in the product, the product will burst due to the stress effect after a period of time.

To improve the mold temperature of the molding, reduce the injection pressure and eliminate the stress of the product.

22. When the ABS is used in black color, the product is liable to rupture and peeling.


It is the color mother's pigment used for excessive carbon powder, causing the product to peel.

23. A 180-ton 14am machine, the product of a four CD box 120 grams, good appearance, no batch peak, but one weighs 2 grams, why?


The mould product is one out of four, due to the imbalance of the mould into the glue, one of the products is plump and full, the density is large, and the weight is 2 grams.

24. A 100-ton hydraulic crank elbow is used for three years. When the mould is locked, it can't be opened.


It is due to the wear of the elbow of the machine, which makes the die unbalanced. Therefore, when the die lock is tight, it will often fail to open.

25. A 7 anshi machine has been used for two years, and the injection of rubber is unstable. A beer of the peak of a beer is short of glue, the oil seal and the glue head are changed, and the system pressure is stable, which is not good.


Because of the wear or damage of the screw, the return material is not uniform, so the injection can be unstable.

26. A 150-ton new machine beer PP has been used for half a year, with the original melt being 3 seconds, and now it is 6 seconds.


Due to the wear of the screw, the return material is slow.

A beer plastic master is debugging a product, appears lack of glue, speed or pressure rise a little bit, the product does not respond, rise a little bit to rise a lot of peak?


The machine lock mechanism wears away, causing the lock mode to have clearance, so it will appear the front.

28. One machine has been used for two years, and the middle temperature of the barrel of beer is too high, and the power supply is useless.


Because of the roughness of the screw, the heat is generated when the beer is made back and the middle temperature of the barrel is high.

A factory has a dozen old and new machines, oil seal often oil leakage, changed a period of time again leak?


Oil temperature too high to make oil seal vulnerable to aging, oil leakage;

The oil cylinder core wears away, causing the oil to blow off oil.

Question 18-23 please see the textbook 2 "maintenance of injection molding machine".


29. Explanation of motor starting circuit of oil pump.


The starting of oil pump motor starts with star delta

30. Explain the principle of power pump.

Province electric pump is the variable capacity pump, when the machine has action, pressure oil through the oil valve cylinder driving mechanical action, and then back to the fuel tank, when the machine does not have action, pressure oil directly back to the tank.

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