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An Example Of 39 Common Problems In Injection Mold Is Explained(3)
Nov 03, 2017

An Example Of 39 Common Problems In Injection Mold Is Explained(3)

31. Interpretation of electronic circuit board input and output.


The electronic version is entered by various motion sensing switch and electronic ruler. The computer then outputs the oil valve to the oil valve and performs the action.



33. Reasons and prevention of oil seal refractory oil spill.


The oil cylinder core is worn and damaged oil seal, causing the stubborn oil leakage, keeping the oil cylinder core clean, avoiding the wear and prevention of the oil seal caused by the oil leak.


34. Influence of pressure and flow linearity on injection molding process.


The linear proportion of pressure and flow is of great significance to the accuracy and stability of injection molding process.


35. Reasons for slow production cycle and improvement measures.


The reason for the slow production cycle is the lengthening of cooling time and the lengthening of the return time due to wear and tear.


Improve the cooling effect of die, shorten cooling time, replace the worn screw, shorten the return time and speed up production cycle.


36. The reason for the squealing of the glue and the treatment plan.


The squealing of the glue is caused by the friction between the screw and the abrasive, or the friction between the screw and the barrel.


The polishing process or electroplating of screw rod makes the surface smooth and reduce friction.

Adjust the center of the screw to prevent it from friction with the barrel.


37. Test and adjustment method of lock mode parallelism.


The tensile length of the columnar column is determined by four percentage gauges to determine the equal degree of columnar lock mode in the tolerance of tolerance.

Then adjust the lock mode parallelism by adjusting the big nut.

38. Reasons for columnar fracture and preventive measures.


The causes of columnar fracture are caused by the inequity of locking modes.


Adjust lock mode parallelism to prevent columnar fracture.


39. Analysis of the causes of elbow wear.

The cause of the elbow wear is because of the poor lubrication of the elbow.

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