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China's Mold Industry Technology Innovation Is The Main Technology Upgrading Is Necessary.
May 10, 2018

China's mold industry technology innovation is the main technology upgrading is necessary.

At present, with the continuous development of China's mold industry, the demand and requirements for mold products are also gradually improving. The demand for middle and high grade moulds in the domestic market is becoming more and more large. The development of household appliances, automobiles and plastic products also puts forward higher requirements for the requirements of mould cutting tools, thus providing a broad market space for the die and tool industry in China. At the same time, the technology of the industry is further developed. China has reached the world advanced level in the related core technology. Compared with the foreign countries, the relatively low labor force makes the production cost occupy a great advantage. Therefore, the die tools in our country are facing both domestic and international opportunities.

In the future, the proportion of high efficiency CNC machine tools in our factories will increase year by year, and the demand for efficient advanced cutters will increase rapidly. The tool industry of our country must change the idea, vigorously develop the production of efficient and advanced cutting tools, pay attention to the sales volume, pay more attention to after-sales service, and strive to innovate to occupy more market share. Domestic moulds must meet the needs of users in terms of quality and delivery time. The related enterprises should actively change the business model, use the modern network, accelerate technological innovation, widen the marketing channels, excavate the potential of the enterprise, and actively exploit the two domestic and international markets.

China will continue to maintain a steady pace of development, and provide reliable macro support for the development of the die industry. In the future industry development, technology innovation is natural, technology promotion is necessary, which is the most important condition in the rapid development of the industry and market demand, the mold market will show a steady upward trend.

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