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China's Plastics Machinery Technology Progresses Towards International Level
May 08, 2018

China's plastics machinery technology progresses towards international level

In recent years, the technological progress of plastic machinery in China has been developed rapidly in the development of new products and new technologies, with a higher starting point. The main way is to absorb and absorb advanced foreign manufacturing technology through the introduction and digestion. The development of the international market is also an important symbol of the development of China's plastic machinery. There are 1/3 of the export of enterprise products. The export volume has accounted for about 30% of the domestic sales volume, and the export growth rate is 20%.

Taking the pipe equipment as an example, the first aluminum plastic composite pipe production line was introduced in the mid 90s of last century. There are more than 50 manufacturers to produce the equipment within 5 years. The key technologies, such as the welding and composite of aluminum tubes, have been well solved, and the integrity and advanced nature of most of the products have reached the international advanced level.

In the same period, some advanced equipment, such as steel plastic composite unit and gas pipe unit, were successfully developed, and some key technologies were solved, such as high speed and high efficiency single screw machine suitable for medium and high density PE processing; good mixing effect, short retention time, high precision die with no weld line, cooling, traction, cutting and measuring. Thick and so on configuration.

In recent years, domestic extruders have also developed and achieved great achievements in high torque, high speed and high efficiency. The domestic extruders also generally adopt advanced separation type screw and slotting machine. The head of the machine and board type head, programmable and liquid crystal display are widely adopted in the head of the machine, which are suitable for the processing of polyalkene. The touch screen industrial control machine is also used.

The manufacturing technology of the plastic film processing equipment is popularized by the spiral head manufacturing technology. The superposition machine has been popularized and applied. The multilayer coextrusion film has reached 5 layers. The geomembrane has adopted the internal cooling technology and so on. The width of the coextruding film has reached 2 meters.

The two way is to strengthen the development of intellectual property technology through technological innovation. Professor Jiang Bo of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Beijing Feng Ji plastic machinery Co., Ltd. have developed a grinding disc type mixing extruder successively. Compared with the traditional mixing equipment, it improves the mixing effect of the fineness and dispersion of the material, enlarges the range of the processing material, and has a remarkable advantage for the processing of magnetic and nano composite materials. The production line of steel plastic compound profile extruder developed by Beijing Jian Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has also solved key technologies such as compounding, foaming, CO extrusion and cutting. Shanghai Jinwei extruder Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a PET/GPET co extrusion production line with a width of 2 meters.

The improvement of the level of plastic machinery and equipment is also reflected in the complete set of equipment. Especially in the extrusion molding, the concept of the main auxiliary machine is ingrained for many years. Most manufacturers only provide the main engine, the proportion of the main and auxiliary machines is disproportions. This situation has changed greatly. At present, most of the extruders can provide a full extrusion line and even take the key project.

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