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Design Of The Yoke Template
Oct 18, 2017

Now we will know about the design of the yoke template is as follows:

(1). The combination of the yoke plate and the lumbar parts shall be in the middle or light mode, such as the combination of pressure and pressure will change the yoke plate.

(2) the maintenance function of the yoke and the block parts should be sufficient to withstand the lateral pressure and surface pressure of the mass. And to make the yoke plate groove combined with massive ministry to get close to, its groove corner made escape gap processing, such as the yoke plate groove corner cannot make escape gap processing, the massive part must be made to escape the gap processing.

(3). The segmentation of lumps should also be considered in the shape of the interior, and the datum must be clearly confirmed. In order to make the stamping process not deformation, also pay attention to the shape of each block.

(4) when the yoke group is in many pieces of block products, due to the cumulative errors of the processing of each block, the pitch is changed, and the solution is that the intermediate block is designed to be adjustable.

(5). The lumbar parts shall be constructed by the combination of the mould. The lumpy parts of the lumps will be subjected to lateral pressure to create clearance between the pieces of each block and the slant of the block products. This phenomenon is an important cause of stamping size and anti-debris blocking, so there must be sufficient countermeasures.

(6). In the yoke plate fixed method of block part, in accordance with the size and shape in any of the following five kinds: a. to lock screw fixation, with key, c. b. to Xie key, d. fixed to the shoulder, e. above presses, such as feed plate fixed pressure.

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