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Difference Between Cold Runner And Hot Runner Of Plastic Injection Mold
Oct 27, 2017

Difference between cold runner and hot runner of plastic injection mold

Hot runner of mold is the way to ensure that the plastic of the runner and gate remains molten through heating.

The hot runner system is composed of hot nozzles, shunt plates, temperature control boxes and accessories.

Hot nozzles generally include two types: open hot nozzles and needle valve type hot nozzles.

Because of the direct determination of the heat flow channel system and the manufacturing of the mould, the hot runner system is often divided into the open hot runner system and the needle valve type hot runner system.


Cold runner system at every time of mould can cause waste, at the time of injection molding parts, multiple cavity cold runner system will cause a lot of waste of raw materials, which makes the profit space molding is seriously damaged.

The advantage of cold passage is easy to use, also can satisfy certain beautiful demand very well.

The cold flow can reduce the injection to transparent acrylates or polycarbonate, which can be used for light, and avoid the effect of the injection in certain parts.

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 Hot runner system

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