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Discussion On The Surface Treatment Technology Of Die Plating In Foreign Countries
Dec 06, 2017

Discussion on the surface treatment technology of die plating in foreign countries

Web site:  release time: 2017-12-06th

More and more foreign enterprises to see the development of Chinese mold market, have entered into China mold market, many international well-known automobile die, stamping die, injection mold enterprises are also gradually entered into the China, and Chinese market strength is very fast, very fast. With the development of mould industry, the mold performance requirements more and more harsh, life issues have become increasingly prominent. With different surface strengthening process, the die life is increased several times or even dozens of times. The foreign mold plating surface treatment technology of surface treatment technology is very important to the mold industry in the past few years surface treatment technology Great progress has been made. It is beneficial for us to learn about the situation abroad for reference, and to develop our die industry. Today, we will share with you the plating processes used by foreign moulds.

Die of Electroless Ni-P alloy automotive instrumentation, electrical household appliances industry, extensive use of plastic parts, also put forward higher requirements on the injection mold. Abroad widely used surface technology, especially the technology of electroless plating nickel in improving the research and application of comprehensive performance and the life of the mold in particular. Wear-resisting electroless nickel plating is: processing low temperature (85 to 95); sediment thickness control accuracy in soil less than 2 microns; coating is compressive stress, low stress; excellent releasability. Electroless Ni-P alloy, addition of phosphorus can be ensured after heat treatment, coating hardness increased to 1100HV manufacturing tools, such as drill, reamer, die, This chemical plating method is used for the cutting tools and die pressing, and the coating thickness is not more than 10 microns.

2. mold wear-resistant composite coating is a composite coating by electroplating or electroless plating method, solid particles and matrix metal in solution with dissolved organic and inorganic of co deposition and the formation of metal matrix composite coating. The wear resistant composite plating nickel, copper, cobalt, chromium and some alloy, but also can be used for electroless nickel plating the use of phosphorus alloy, dispersing agent and diamond carbide boride oxide nitride hard solid particles. This kind of coating has high hardness, good abrasion resistance, can reduce the friction and wear of parts, but also has good resistance to high temperature, so it is called "metal ceramic composite coatings. Still has in the high temperature of 400 degrees when Excellent wear resistance. The anti adhesive wear show excellent properties. The urethane rubber mold, fluorinated graphite particles of nickel coating treatment with 15%Vol do not use the release agent, in the forming of high temperature engineering plastics, mold the fruitful. Mold production increasingly rely on high-tech, high-end surface treatment technology the mould industry of our country and the world advanced level in the gap is a lot of pressure, in the face of the world economic integration trend, if not up to the level of international mold technology enterprises in the domestic market, may also stand firm root. If our mold factory does not learn from the world's most advanced mold technology. Also Can you survive?

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