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Double Color Die Will Be The Market Trend
Dec 31, 2017

Double color die will be the market trend

Double color mold: two kinds of plastic materials in the same injection machine injection molding, divided into two molding, but the product only mold one time. This is also called double injection molding process, usually completed by 1 sets of molds, and require special two-color injection molding machine.

Rubber mold: two kinds of plastic materials are not necessarily molded on the same injection molding machine, divided into two times. After the product is removed from a set of moulds and removed, it is put into another set for second times of injection molding. Therefore, generally this molding process is usually completed by 2 sets of moulds, without a special double color injection molding machine.

Double color mold is popular in the market, and because of this technology, the appearance of the product can be more beautiful, and it is easy to change colors without spraying. It will surely be the trend of the market. Double color, double color mould has become the need of industrial products, double color injection machine models, models also grew slowly developed into larger models, currently on Dongguan from 100T to 300T models are very common in some type of injection molding machine factory is more developed to meet the needs of the factory. From the face of the pressure of market competition, we must face up!

1, the two shapes of the front die are different, forming 1 kinds of products respectively. And the two shapes of the Core are exactly the same.

2, the mold before and after die to the center of rotation of 180 degrees, must match. This check action must be done at design time.

3, pay attention to the position of the stick hole, the minimum distance 210mm. Large mold must be properly increased the number of rod holes. And, because of the injection molding machine with top rod itself is not long enough, so we must design the mold top extension stick, top stick long base plate about 150mm, design of the 2 positioning rings must die after the floor.

4, the total thickness of the front panel plus the A board can't be less than 170mm. Please check the other reference data of this type of injection molding machine, for example, the maximum thickness of the injection mold, the minimum thickness of the mold, the distance between the top hole and so on. (please refer to TDG51036)

5, the water nozzle of the three plate mold is best designed to be able to automatically remove the die. Pay special attention to the soft nozzle is reliable demolding.

6, the depth of the front SPRUE does not exceed 65mm. The upper (gate) to the top of the SPRUE base center distance of not less than 150mm.

7, in designing second injection moulded CAVITY, in order to avoid CAVITY inserting (or erasing) the first time, the product that has already been molded is able to design part of the evacuation. However, we must carefully consider the strength of each rubber seal, that is, whether there will be deformation in plastic injection under high injection pressure, resulting in the possibility of second batch injection.

8, injection molding, the first injection molding product size can be slightly larger, so that it can be pressed more tightly with another CAVITY during the second forming, so as to achieve the role of sealing.

9, pay attention to the flow of plastic in the second time, will the flow of the plastic be impulsive for the first good product to make it deformed? If this is possible, we must try to improve it.

In 10, A, B in the mold before, should pay attention to whether Slider or Lifter will die before the first reset and crushed products? In this way, it is necessary to find a way to make the A, B plate fit the die first, and then the SLIDER or LIFET of the front die can be reset.

11, two CAVITY and CORE are arranged as fully as possible, and are equal and equal.

12, the 99% is part of the first hard plastic injection molding products, injection molding products soft part. Because of soft deformation.

13, in order to make the two kinds of plastic "sticky" more tight, the "Stickiness" between the materials and the roughness of the die surface should be considered. The double color injection has a special TPU; the more smooth the mold surface, the more tight they "stick".

14, pay attention to the position before and after die; all inserted by the arrancar angle drop as much more, to more than 0.1mm.

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