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Enterprise Mold Technology Contest Started, The Major Enterprises Show Craftsman Spirit
Nov 27, 2017

Enterprise mold technology contest started, the major enterprises show craftsman spirit

plastic injection mold .png

The contestants are operating the instrument for the match

Shenzhen Metropolis Daily News November 26th from design to processing, a product produced to die after 3 days of the time, the compressed 3 days to 6 hours, can produce qualified mold? In November 26th, the highest level of Industry Skills Competition -- the national machinery industry skills contest, "Hisense Cup" in mold design and manufacturing technical skills competition in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park contest started, which lasted 3 days. Contestants need to use 6 hours to complete the mold processing, assembly and other links, and ultimately make plastic products, the difficulty is not small, testing the skills of major enterprises.

This year's competition is more emphasis on docking with enterprises. Contest the expert group of experts, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University Department of mechanical professional director Yang Rongxiang said, the contest was first introduced in the intelligent manufacturing mode Debao software system, the entire production process all parameters. In addition, a number of enterprises participate in the competition organization and evaluation, and provide the latest domestic mold processing equipment and design software, to show the new level of "school enterprise cooperation".

26 morning, the reporter visited the scene of the game, the contestants are tense competition. Enterprise event needs 6 hours making TV remote cover, a total of 6 processes, the first is the field of computer design, then according to the NC milling machine is used for processing design, make the mould shape, and subsequently after electrical discharge machining, mold assembly, molding and other processes to form the final product the last step is to mold, product measurement, according to the mold to on-site production to meet the requirements of the sample.


Finally, Shenzhen million figure (WT-mold) Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd. won the runner up!

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