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Hardware Mold Fittings Usher In A New Market Opportunity
Dec 13, 2017

Hardware mold fittings usher in a new market opportunity

Nowadays, home life is what everyone yearns for, so how to arrange a small family, how to choose and how to choose home products is very important. And the appearance of these problems brings a new market atmosphere to the hardware mold.

The status of hardware mold in home is very important, but the domestic high-end home furniture market and high profit brand market are mostly occupied by imported hardware mold enterprises. The hardware mould parts of famous brand furniture and cabinet are basically imported by imported five. According to the mould expert Luo Baihui, the quality and grade of the furniture are mainly embodied in the selection of hardware accessories. Furniture is inconvenient to use, to a large extent, because of the improper selection or lack of the hardware accessories of the furniture. "As long as the corresponding hardware mold accessories, very complex multi-functional furniture can be produced." Luo Baihui said that the value of the hardware mold parts in the furniture is 5%, but the operation comfort is the importance of 85%. visible hardware accessories in the furniture.

Home hardware can be divided into two categories, ordinary and special, the former includes hinges, hinges, slide rails, and the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen pendants. Hinges, slideways, hinges and locks have the highest frequency of use in life, so it is more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, the hardware accessories have put forward greater demand and higher requirements. Home hardware is more emphasis on the quality of its mechanical properties, rust proof, moisture resistance, and fatigue properties of the active parts.

Nowadays, home furnishing is increasingly demanding individuation and integrity. Today, home furnishing hardware not only needs to meet the above functions, but also needs bright decoration and integrity with the whole family style. Take the most common handle. Besides the stainless steel salad hand, there are black, bronze, light chrome, pearl nickel and transparent paint on the market. There are European style, Chinese style, regular, irregular shape and so on, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers. Luo Baihui also mentioned that due to the effect of furniture hardware on the furniture is not only connected with the decorative and part of active components, its function is more and more strong, and the fields involved are more and more widely, improve the production efficiency, the furniture manufacturing enterprises to reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, the increase of benefits it plays a positive role. With the development and progress of industrial technology, furniture production has been developed from manual workshops to mechanized mass production.

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WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Our company founded in 2011,Shenzhen WT Hardware And Plastics Limited takes pride in meeting and exceeding in customer requirements, WT is located in Shenzhen , where is the manufacturing center is in.

We WT are professional in moulds and molding parts, we also support struture design and offer assistance in material selection . You are welcome to look towards WT Mold as an extension of your R&D department , an arm of your design group and manufacture partner.

We have been striving to excellent quality at competitive price, Quality and Service First, the principle that we oursure , is exactly why we have established business relationships with customers from all over the world , More than 80% of our molds are exported to USA, EU, CLS, South America, and other Asian countries.

WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Mobile:+86 18923768676

Tel: 86-755-27673590

Fax: 86-755-23143536 

Add: 5B2# Jiangshi Building, Fuyong, Shenzhen, China

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