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How To Eliminate The Excessive Phenomenon Of Mold Polishing
Nov 02, 2017

How to eliminate the excessive phenomenon of mold polishing

Mold polishing machine of orange peel phenomenon, is in the daily die polishing of the common problems in the process of polishing is excessive, is refers to the polishing, the longer the mould surface quality is poor, there are two kinds of polishing excessive occur: is pitting and orange peel.

Common causes of orange peel is caused overheating or carburizing mold surface, polishing pressure and polishing time is too long is the main reason for the "orange peel", embodies in the polishing of guide plate, so we need to find ways to solve this problem.

The time spent polishing is different depending on the hardness of the workpiece.


There are two ways to eliminate the orange peel:

A. Remove the defective surface and grind to a slightly larger size than the previous use of the sand number.

B. At the temperature of 25oC below the tempering temperature, the stress plot is carried out. The most fine sand number is used for grinding before polishing. Finally, it is polished with the lightest strength.

Form pitting artifacts often make for hard and brittle oxide lead to is in the steel, so the causes of pitting corrosion is generally polishing pressure big, long, steel purity is not high, the mold surface rust.

There are three ways to eliminate the pitting:

A. Carefully regrind the surface, and the granulation size is slightly thicker than the previous one, and the finishing step of the oil stone with soft and sharpening is used for polishing.

B. Avoid the soft polishing tool when the sand size is less than 1mm.

C. Use the shortest polishing time and the minimum buffing.

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