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How To Improve The Gloss Of Rubber Mould?
Oct 20, 2017

How to improve the gloss of rubber mould?

Different mould products have different requirements, in the process of rubber products promotion, some products need inferior smooth, some need the light, that depends, there are customer request SBR rubber surface luster, the improvement of rubber mold surface gloss need professionals to operate, mold for metal mold, mold temperature, 150 degrees Celsius.

Specific problems are analyzed, and the following two solutions are given by the merchant city merchants:

The mould is treated with water - based semi-permanent primrose, and each class (8 hours) is processed once, each time it is sprayed with 4 layers, and then solidified for 10 minutes at 150 degrees centigrade.Before the film is put into the film, the diluent of the water-spraying sakura (1:0.8 weight ratio) is sprayed 1 layer.

Then put on film production, and every time it is out of mold, you need to spray the diluent.In this way, the surface of the product is noticeably brighter than before.Customers can accept

The mould can process the diluent of the water-based deformable agent (1:0.8 weight ratio), 1 layer, and then put into film production before the film is put into the film.The product obviously improved the brightness.

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