How To Reduce Mold Maintenance, Too Practical Time

- Nov 09, 2017 -

How to reduce mold maintenance, too practical time

Injection moulds in the process of tens of thousands of use, inevitably will go wrong.

However, the problem is that the number of maintenance of molds should be reduced as far as possible, which can greatly reduce maintenance cost and improve production efficiency.

In the ideal state, a mold design life of 300,000 beer, 50, 000 beer maintenance, in the production cycle except for the spring thimble of the vulnerable parts, other parts need not change.

But in fact the general mold is repaired and repaired, even a set of mass production molds will be repaired 2-3 times a month.

In fact, most of the maintenance of molds can be avoided, maintenance problems and production process control problems.

1. Strengthen the training of scientific injection knowledge, and try not to hurt the mold in production.

The low pressure protection setting, the closing speed, the locking force, the injection speed, the pressure pressure, the mold temperature and other parameters can greatly damage the mold, which is the most important thing to notice.

2. Production control.

As far as possible, avoid the problem of hot runner and PIN card.

Avoid problems in the womb.

The design and manufacturing process of the mould is "pregnant". The defect cannot be found at this time, otherwise the maintenance will not be avoided.

For example, the design of mold 7 big system, material and so on.

The best mold I used was the mold that gave duracell batteries a battery cover when flextronics was at the time. It is said that more than 20 million beers have been made and 6 second cycles.

4. Mould maintenance.

In normal production, the tertiary maintenance of secondary maintenance and mould repair should be firmly in place, which should be avoided by the spring break/thimble card/spatula.

5. Standardization and inventory of vulnerable parts.

The thimble/spring/cylinder/guide sleeve should be kept as uniform as possible to prepare the stock.

6. Standardized operation process, personnel training and performance appraisal.

At the above 6 points, the maintenance accident of the mold can be reduced by 5 percent, and the production efficiency of the enterprise is greatly improved

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