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Integrated Design Of Plastic Products And Molds
Nov 06, 2017

Integrated design of plastic products and molds

    The plastic products from the development to manufacturing generally experience the process of product development, mold design, mold manufacturing, trial production and formal mass production.

    Generally, product development is completed by the new product development enterprise itself or commissioned by the product development company;


    And mold development is made by specialized mould manufacturing enterprises.

    The products are divided into functional design, appearance design, and shapable design.

    Besides considering the function of the product, the functional design should also consider the object, namely, the design of the human nature of baojie.Functional design must meet design requirements.

The shaping design is the requirement that the product should be satisfied, and the product design is generally considered from the perspective of plastic forming.

The design of shapable design is generally used in the flow simulation software or according to the experience of the designer, which can be called the process design of the products.

In addition, the design of the product must be considered from the design of the mould and the process of manufacturing, which is called the mould design of the product design stage.

In most cases, the product design has failed to fully consider the shape design of products, or to emphasize the products function needs and ignore the product design itself to product molding and mold design and production of manufacturing inconvenience.

Specifically, the process of molding process is difficult to design the pouring system, the ejection system and the cooling system, and it is difficult to eliminate the visible injection defect.

In order to achieve the effect of user acceptance, it will take a long time to optimize the casting and cooling system, and complicate the mold structure or change the time lengthening.

In short, such a product design hides many unforeseen dangers.

The emergence and eventual emergence of hidden dangers will result in changing product design or increasing mold costs and cycles.

In addition, due to the product design process and the mold design, the processing process in time division, the process of serial, may lead to change the product design later, raise the cost.

Moreover, because the mould designer can not understand the designer's intentions well, the mould design can also be partially problematic, thus extending the mould design and processing cycle.

In this paper, plastic products and injection mold design method of integrated, integrates product design and mold design in two stages, and in the process of product design in detail considering the product shape design, the products of technological design and products design phase of the mold design process.

Method not only can consider to molding of plastic products, mould design and manufacturing problems, but also can improve the quality of plastic products design, shorten the development cycle of product and mold design and manufacturing cycle, reduce mold manufacturing costs and ultimately reduce the cost of plastic products.

This method has been implemented in Qingdao haier mould co., LTD. The practice has proved to be good.

2 products and mould integrated design method of products and molds is integrated design in product design stage considering products function, structure requirement and products molding process requirements, mold manufacturability requirements;

The design method of design efficiency can be improved by considering tooling and assembly requirements during die design.

The integration design process is as shown.

The product designer must design the product according to the functional requirements of the products, including the appearance shape, the basic layout, the main dimensions, etc.

3 d model input information is provided by the user, such as wood model, wax models, samples, may also be a 2 d or 3 d industrial design pattern, may also is just a rough idea of the user or the combination of them.

Product designers convert these models and assumptions into geometric models that are visible on the computer and are designed for user evaluation to complete the product's profile design.

The designer must communicate with the user fully to understand the user's needs and ideas.

To do this, a joint development team consisting of users and designers will need to be established at the outset.

Even if users can't participate for some reason, they should communicate with the user in time to complete the design.

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