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Introduction Of Plastic Plastic Moulds
May 10, 2018

Introduction of plastic plastic moulds

Plastic plastic moulds. It includes two types of die types: compression molding and press casting. They are mainly used for molding thermosetting plastics, and the corresponding equipment is pressure forming machine. According to the plastic characteristics, the compression molding method will heat the mold to the molding temperature (generally in 103 degree to 108 degrees), and then put the measured plastic powder into the mold cavity and the feeding room, and close the mold. The plastic is softened and sticky under the high heat and high pressure. The mold is solidified after a certain time and becomes the shape of the required product. The pressure injection molding is different from the compression molding. It has a separate feeding room. The mold is closed before the molding. The plastic in the feeding room can be preheated to the viscous flow. Under the pressure, the mold is squeezed into the mold cavity and hardened. The compression mold is also used to form certain special thermoplastic plastics such as refractory thermoplastic (such as polyvinylidene) blank (cold pressure molding), high optical resin lenses, slightly foamed nitrocellulose automobile steering wheel and so on. The mould is mainly composed of mould cavity, feeding chamber, guiding mechanism, pushing parts and heating system. The injection mould is widely used to encapsulate electrical components. The material used for pressing dies is basically the same as that of injection moulds.

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