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Mold Injection Molding: Which Factors Influence The Precision Injection Molding?
Oct 20, 2017

Mold injection molding: which factors influence the precision injection molding?

Precision injection molding can be influenced by many related factors and environmental conditions, while the basic factors of plastic materials, injection moulds, injection molding and injection molding equipment are the basic factors.In the early stage of designing plastic products, firstly, the engineering plastics can be selected according to their environment.Secondly, the selected plastic material, the dimension precision of the finished product, the weight of the product, the quality requirements and the expected mold structure are selected to select the appropriate injection molding machine.

In the related factors influencing precision injection molding, the mold is the key to obtain the precision plastic products that meet the quality requirements.

The design of mould design, whether the mold design reasonable will directly affect the quality of plastic products.Due to the mold cavity dimension is made by plastic products required size and shrinkage of the materials used, and the shrinkage rate is often or manual of engineering plastics as recommended by the plastic manufacturer of a range of values, it not only with the mold gate forms, gate location and distribution, and with the crystal orientation of engineering plastics (anisotropic), plastic products shape, size and the distance to the gate position.

The main factors affecting the shrinkage of plastic include thermal shrinkage, phase change shrinkage, orientation contraction, compression contraction and elastic response.

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