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Mould Maintenance
Oct 17, 2017

Mould maintenance

1: the tool must be sharpened after long time use. After grinding, the cutting edge must be demagnetizing, not magnetic, or easy to be blocked.

2: spring and other bullet parts are the most easily damaged in the process of use, usually breaking and deforming. To take is to change, it is important to note that in the process of change of the specifications of the spring and models, the specifications of the spring and model identified by color, diameter and length of the three, only under the condition of the three are the same can be replaced.

3: in the process of mold use, the punch is prone to break, bend and nibble, and the rush is generally eaten bad. The damage of the punch and punching sleeve is usually replaced with the same specification. The main parameters of punch are part size, part size, length dimension, etc.

4. Tighten the parts and check whether the fastening parts are loose and damaged. The method is to find the same parts for replacement.

5: pressing material parts such as pressing plate, fine glue, etc., unloading parts such as stripping board, pneumatic top material, etc. Check the parts and parts of the parts in the maintenance, repair the damaged part, the pneumatic top material check for air leakage, and take measures for the specific situation. If the tracheal damage is replaced.

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