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Mould Protection
May 16, 2017

Because the mold has the specificity of precision vulnerability and other characteristics of the safety of the mold is essential, overall induction has the following aspects:

Anti-rust: Prevent the mold of the injection molding machine with leakage/condensation water/rain/fingerprints and so on the rust phenomenon.

Anti-collision: Prevent the mold from the thimble has broken, not back in place, resulting in the mold crash phenomenon.

Remove Thorn: Prevent mould burr caused by cloth wipe/blanking/hand/water/mouth clamp/knife touch.

Missing parts: Prevents the mold from the lack of the rod/washer and other parts and causes the mold to use the damage.

Anti-pressure: Prevent mold from residual products and die-locking caused by pressure injury.

Anti-pressure: Prevent the mold from low pressure protection caused by excessive damage.

Because the thimble has broken, thimble not back in place, mold residue has a product, lack of auxiliary parts caused by the ratio of mold damage, and because of the occurrence of more frequent, so more than 85%% of the mold damage is caused by the reason, and the cost of the mold maintenance is generally higher, so how to avoid such a situation directly related to the interest of the injection molding industry

In order to prevent mold damage caused by the production delays, as well as high maintenance costs, but also to better save human resources, some companies using machine vision technology developed a products, called "Mold protector."

Mould monitor, or mould protector, also known as mould electronic eye, can effectively protect the valuable molds. Injection molding machine Mold protection system, installed in the injection molding machine, can directly check the product is qualified, and check in the mold before the residue, to prevent mold clip loss. Injection molding, each cycle, expensive molds can be caused by plastic residual or slider dislocation and damage to the risk of An Qi to prevent these situations, in the abnormal occurrence of automatic closure and alarm.

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