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Mould Steel Market Demand Growth Northward Trend Appeared
Dec 13, 2017

Mould steel market demand growth northward trend appeared

In 2013 October, the national production of 1 million 196 thousand and 700 sets, an increase of 3.58% over last year; in January ~10 months, the national total production of 13 million 789 thousand and 400 sets of moulds, an increase of 14.16%. at the same time, the northern and western regions of China manufacturing industry in the rapid rise, start with the development of mold industry. As in 2012, Shanxi Province, mold production reached 7 million 44 thousand and 900 units, an increase of 550.11%, the total yield of 33.32%. followed by Hebei Province, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province, accounted for 18.83% of total output, 9.28% 7.75%., the above data shows that the focus of China's mold industry transfer trend from South to north, mould with the market demand for steel will also focus on or from south to North transfer. Therefore, the future of the western and Northern mould steel market prospects.

In December, mould steel market to maintain a steady running posture, the price is not much fluctuation. Operators and market forecasts, the year the market will remain stable, for next year's mould steel market expects, the upgrading and transformation of the mold industry sustainable development is the support of mould steel market to improve the smooth operation of the power, is expected next year mould steel market will rebound, prices are expected to rebound.

The domestic mold industry is developing towards large-scale, digital intelligence, ecological energy saving, high precision and multi-functional composite. The application of mold standard parts will be more and more extensive, and the technology content of mould is constantly improving. From China's mold industry overall development momentum, which will inevitably pull mould steel demand for mould steel market into a powerful force and vitality, but also put forward new and higher requirements for die steel with.

At present, the domestic die steel overcapacity, so our country mould steel industry should slow down the speed of the expansion of production capacity, part of the expansion of the power into power quality improvement, so as to improve the overall level of the industry. In recent years, the production of industrial and die steel in China has increased rapidly, accounting for about 80% of the output of alloy tool steel. However, some die steel can not meet the market demand for quality standards, resulting in China each year is still to be imported from abroad a large number of mould steel.

Mould steel price dilemma impasse

The recent mould steel market, the price is relatively stable, not much business inventory, sales pressure is not. In December, the large steel enterprises die steel prices remain unchanged, and near the end of the shortage of funds and other factors, the downstream end of effective demand was not released, support mould steel market prices of power shortage; rigid cost support to effectively curb the decline in prices, the current price rise in mould steel, do not fall under the stalemate.

Nowadays, the market of Beijing mould steel prices: H13 rolled price 17000 yuan / ton, H13 forging material price 17600 yuan / ton, 3Cr2W8V rolled price 43000 yuan / ton, Cr12MoV forging material price 14000 yuan / ton, Cr12 forging material price 12500 yuan / ton, 8000 yuan price / 9CrSi rolling material ton. Data show that the Beijing market mould steel market stabilization.

Wuxi market tool steel price consolidation, such as the Cr12MoV forging material price is 14300 yuan / ton, steel mills, Cr12MoV forging material price 15600 yuan / ton, Cr12 forging material price 11500 yuan / ton, T10A rolled price 6800 yuan / ton, H13 (electric) rolling material price 19300 yuan / ton, H13 (ESR) rolling material price 23000 yuan / ton.

Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangdong, Xi'an, Shenyang and other places of the mould steel market prices are mostly stable operation, Cr12MoV price of 13800 yuan / ton ~14500 yuan / ton, the price is slightly higher in some areas, individual area price is relatively low, but overall prices stable, no sharp shock fluctuation.

From the transaction situation of steel trade, near the end of the year, the shortage of funds, the current market demand for general mould steel. The downstream end user control purchase quantity, usually do not want to a large number of stock, the steel trade is the lack of sufficient funds, do not want to hoard goods, so in the end demand, lack of motivation to support prices.

The trend of the rapid development of the die and mould industry

From the view of the development of the mould industry in China, the demand strength of the die and mould steel has not been weakened, and it has also increased. Moreover, in the analysis and forecast for this year and the next year the domestic mould steel market, some operators are believed to stabilize, even if the price fluctuation range is quite limited, if the steel production control, to organize production according to market demand, will effectively ease the contradiction between supply and demand of the.

Experts expect that the total output value of the national mold will reach 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan in 2013. In accordance with the 1: 100 driving effect of the mold industry, China's die and mold industry is nearly 2000 trillion yuan.

At present, the development of automobile production, machinery manufacturing and other industries in Hubei is better, and the demand for mould is growing vigorously. At present, Hubei Dongfeng automobile mold, Shiyan pioneer in the design and manufacture of automotive panel die, a leading position in the country; e-feng die enterprises, with strong precision mold manufacturing capacity; Wuhan Research Institute of mechanical technology of precision casting and forging die fast simple mold, in the domestic leading position. In the next 4 years, it is expected that the output value of the mould in Hubei will increase by 100 million yuan per year. China mould of Ningbo, now has mold manufacturing enterprises more than 3000, more than 170 Enterprises above Designated Size, mold production accounted for 12%~16%. in recent years, Ningbo mold industry cluster to accelerate the formation, such as Ningbo Ninghai, Beilun large plastic mold die casting mold, die casting, Xiangshan Yinzhou auto zero

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