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Original Title: Several Women Publicly Accused Trump Of Sexual Harassment Trump Denounced As Fabricated _ Reference News Official Website
Dec 14, 2017

(original title: several women publicly accused Trump of sexual harassment Trump denounced as "fabricated" _ "Reference News" official website)

Reference News Network December 13th Taiwan media reported that President Trump was several women accused of sexual harassment, he in December 12th these claims will be described as a "Fabrication" and in the Democratic federal congresswoman Trump asked to step down after the rude words on Twitter to counterattack.

According to Taiwan "Central News Agency" website in December 13th quoted Agence France-Presse reports, to encourage victims of sexual harassment say their own encounter with "#Me Too" movement in global politics and entertainment industry develops rapidly, Trump once again become the target.

The report said that more than 100 congressmen asked for an investigation of Trump's alleged sexual harassment, including the object of his tweet bombardment and Senator Lu Tianna.

Rachel Crooks, Jessica Liz and Samantha Holwe claimed in the Trump campaign before he suffered sexual harassment, they urged Congress in December 11th that he was holding the investigation of misconduct, including unauthorized kissing, touching and reckless.

Trump sent a series of tweets against them, as if they were accused of encouraging the Democrats to encourage the women to come out and to tell reporters about the alleged sexual harassment.

He said: "the consumption in pushing thousands of hours, have spent millions of dollars, Democrats still cannot show proof of collusion with Russia, and now turn to several women with false allegations and fabricated the story of the article, the woman I don't know or have never seen, it is false news!"

In addition, Trump also called Lu Tianna a "insignificant Senator..." Will come to my office not long ago, "begging" for campaign contributions people (to donate what is done out) ", a remark by several female members of the Democratic Party rally.

The tweets, with the tone of derogatory personality, immediately caused Lu Tianna to choke, and Lu Tianna called it "sexist defamation."

Lu Tianna responded: "you can't make me or millions of women to cut the sound, say you the wrong reasons, and shame you bring the oval office."

The White House spokesman Saunders said, "the only person" who will feel the tweets in referring to what. "It's absolutely no sexist meaning," Saunders said.

However, the Democrats immediately jumped out to defend Lu Tianna, including the federal Senator Elizabeth Warren, who had been taunted by Trump. She also used incendiary remarks anti choking Trump, a push said: "you're really trying to bullying and intimidation and humiliation of Senator Lu Tianna? Do you know who you are dealing with? "

Lu Tianna has been in Congress for years urging more extensive protection for victims of abused sexual harassment and demanding the military and government agencies to take responsibility.

Congressman Jackie Speyer admitted that she had been sexually harassed by congressional staff several years ago, so she helped to launch the "#Me Too" campaign in Parliament Hill. She criticized Trump's "tact".

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