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Plastic Mould
Oct 16, 2017

General mould category

1.Two plate moulds

Also known as a single fractal surface mode, it is the simplest of the injection mould. It divides the whole mold into two parts: the dynamic mode and the mold.Part of the cavity is in the moving mode, and the other part is the mold.The main channel is fixed mode;The shunt road is opened on the parting surface. After the die, the product and the runner are left in the moving die, and the moving module has a roof system.


      Two-Plate Mold 

2.Three-plate or pin-point gate mold 

Have two parting surface is divided into three parts, the die than two board increased the gate plate, suitable for the occasion of the sides of the products are not allowed to have a gate mark, this mould into the gate, so is fine runner mold, the mold structure complicated accordingly.Start the power to use the mountain to screw or pull the board.


           Three-Plate Mold 

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