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Our main products: Injection Mold, Molding Parts, Die Casting Mold, CNC machining of high quality


Plastic Toys - Let The Child Play Happily In Safety!
Dec 24, 2017

Plastic toys - let the child play happily in safety!

Introduction of plastic toys:

In the past two years, parents, in addition to paying attention to the style and function of the products, are increasing the demand for safety. Some products without security certification have been sluggish. In the last year, some wholesalers bought a batch of wooden toys that were cold due to the heavy smell of paint. The security demand for domestic sales has increased, mainly because the demand for consumers is improving. Ms. Liu, the toy manager of the Yiwu International Trade City, said that there were various toy specifications in Europe and the United States. After arriving at the standard, the products could be exported smoothly. In the domestic market, the quoted price is the focus of the buyer's attention, but as the parents pay attention to the health of children, the demand for toy safety increases. Six kinds of toys need 3C specifications. In the first district of Yiwu International Trade City, reporters visited some stores on customer's identity, and found that toys with safety certification accounted for more than half. Operators have shown that with the change of consumer habits, toys with safety certification are more popular. In quotation and profit, it is better than the same product.


WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Our company founded in 2011,Shenzhen WT Hardware And Plastics Limited takes pride in meeting and exceeding in customer requirements, WT is located in Shenzhen , where is the manufacturing center is in.

We WT are professional in moulds and molding parts, we also support struture design and offer assistance in material selection . You are welcome to look towards WT Mold as an extension of your R&D department , an arm of your design group and manufacture partner.

We have been striving to excellent quality at competitive price, “Quality and Service First”, the principle that we oursure , is exactly why we have established business relationships with customers from all over the world , More than 80% of our molds are exported to USA, EU, CLS, South America, and other Asian countries.

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WT Hardware And Plastics Limited

Mobile:+86 18923768676

Tel: 86-755-27673590

Fax: 86-755-23143536 

Add: 5B2# Jiangshi Building, Fuyong, Shenzhen, China

Main Product: Plastic Injection Mold & Plastic Parts, Die Casting, CNC Machining

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