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Several Fields Of China's Mould Industry
Oct 17, 2017

In recent years, the mold industry has developed rapidly, and its regional distribution characteristics are gradually taking shape. From the distribution of the land, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and anhui are developing rapidly 8



Guangdong is now the leading mould market in China, and it is also the largest mold export and import province in China. More than 40% of the national mold output value is guangdong, and the CNC rate and equipment of mould processing equipment, mold processing technology, production specialization and standard are leading other provinces and cities in China ]2 W0 e3 j" ]

Currently, guangdong has five of the top 10 companies in the country, with the world's largest module supplier and Asia's largest mould manufacturer in guangdon

With the further optimization of industrial structure in guangdong province, the development of petrochemical, automobile and high - tech industries has raised higher requirements for mold manufacturing in guangdong. In the next few years, the mould manufacturing in guangdong will become more sophisticated and complicated.


Shanghai has more than 1,500 mould enterprises and more than 70,000 employees, with annual output of nearly 10 billion yuan, with an annual average growth rate of over 20%. The total output value will reach about 20 billion yuan by 2010. The import volume of imports will increase by 30% from the current 290 million yuan, which will increase the output value of the industry by 700 million yuan and export to us $130 million, which will increase the output value of the industry by 600 million yuan

Shanghai mold industry will face six major industries and key industries, especially information (IT) industry and automobile industry, and vigorously develop the precision magnesium alloy die-casting mould and precision injection mold of IT industry. Auto industry covering parts die, large parts die casting die, precision stamping parts multi-task level progressive die. In 2010, 85% of the industry's molds realized the localization, and the automobile mould realized 90% localization.

According to preliminary statistics, the Shanghai production car in the stamping, plastic, die-casting mold and nearly 70 enterprises, the annual output of about 2 billion yuan, the private enterprises such as joyville, thousand yuan, until feng, yellow nest, joint venture, such as national, visteon, small , taiwan-funded enterprises such as coupling constant, macro xu, li tong mostly annual output value in 50 million yuan of above, there are nearly 7 companies a total of one hundred million yuan output value, individual enterprises annual growth rate of 100%, as the main force in Shanghai auto mould industry.


Mould industry is mainly concentrated in ningbo and taizhou, zhejiang province, ningbo, ninghai, yuyao, cixi and yinzhou mainly produces plastic mold, beilun is given priority to with die casting, xiangshan and zhoushan is given priority to with casting and stamping die. Taizhou main mold production enterprises are concentrated in huangyan and road Bridges, plastic mold is the majority.

Zhejiang mold industry has some obvious characteristics. One is that the mold manufacturing enterprises are almost all private enterprises; Second, the mold enterprises are relatively concentrated, has formed the mold market; Three is that the mould can meet the needs of different users at the same time, the high level of the mold rapid development, and has a large proportion; Fourth, through several businesses, has emerged a group of high-quality backbone key enterprises; Fifth, has formed the specialized division of labor, the main enterprise features obvious; Sixth, the development of the mold industry has a significant impact on local and peripheral industrial development.


Jiangsu suzhou currently has more than 1000 kinds of mould factories, more than 1000 die processing points, annual sales of mould about 5 billion ~6 billion yuan, mould industry is one of the new industries in the city.

Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and China Taiwan, Hong Kong land of sole proprietorship, joint venture enterprises, private mold enterprises are also many; Suzhou lampe casting, molding, and other far lighter company mainly produces automotive engine and wheel and other components die-casting die and mold, kunshan large formwork, kunshan precision mold standard parts, such as pieces of kunshan huaxing mold oriented enterprise specializing in the production of various kinds of large formwork, mould guide pieces, die springs and other standard parts.


At present, the anhui province has a number of high-profile domestic mould products, such as washing machine of large injection mold cavity, refrigerators and air conditioner plastic foam mold, motor stator stack high-speed progressive dies, etc., some market share as high as 30% above; The mould of automobile structural parts and interior trim parts has been used for the development of Shanghai Volkswagen's new model. Rubber tire mould is approved by domestic tyre enterprises; Mold standard parts, mould material base has also been formed.

A number of dynamic private mould enterprises are on the rise, and the collection of mould manufacturing is forming. Chuzhou has become an important manufacturing base for the foaming and foaming mold of refrigerators. The city of ningxia is a collection of rubber molds; Xuanzhou city and wuhu city are mainly made of sheet stamping die, which is an important manufacturing and supply base for auto parts. The stamping stage of the thick plate of bengbu city is unique; Hefei has some advantages in injection molding, automobile mould and fast mold.

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