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​simple Introduction For Making Modern Mold Process
Oct 16, 2017

 simple introduction for making modern mold process

1) ESI (Earlier: Supplier Evolvement Supplier early to participate in) : this stage is mainly between customer and Supplier for product design and mold development technology is discussed, the main purpose is to let the Supplier clearly grasp the product designers design intent and precision requirement, but also for product designers to better understand the ability of the mold production, product technology can, to make a more reasonable design. 

2) Quotation: including the price of the mould, the life of the mould, the turnover process, the number of machines required and the delivery date of the mould.(a more detailed quotation should include information such as the size of the product, the size of the mold, etc.) 

3) Order (Purchase Order) : customer Order, issue of deposit and acceptance of supplier's Order. 

4) mold Production Planning and Schedule Arrangement: this stage requires the customer to reply to the specific date of the mould.'[5 Q1 v0 c. x

5) mould Design (Design) : possible Design software include Pro/Engineer, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA, etc

6) purchasing materials

7) mould processing (Machining) : process generally have a car, gong (milling), heat treatment, grinding, computer gongs (CNC), EDM (EDM), line (WEDM), coordinates grinding (JIG GRINGING), engraving, polishing, etc. 

8) mould Assembly (Assembly)

9) Trial Run 0}!Z0 o8 _) 

10) sample assessment report (SER)

11) sample assessment report Approval (SER Approval)

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